At Mar-Mach Machine we specialize in custom hard to make components, for all kinds of industries, such as Automotive, Electronics, Food Preparation, Appliances, and Injection molding – Plastics.  We have experience in machining all kinds of metals, including: leaded and unleaded steels, brass, aluminum, and 303, 304, 316, and 416 grades of stainless steels.  We also have experience in cutting Teflon and polycarbonate.  Our Forte, however, is in the stainless steels.


Examples of our products…

Product Samples

We currently operate nine machines that are capable of most machine operations. 

Davenport inside

Davenport automatic screw machines are designed to run high volume, tight tolerance jobs, generally limited to .875 in. round maximum diameter, and 3 in. maximum length, but of any shape (round, hex, square, etc).  Tolerances of plus or minus .005 in. are normal, but tighter tolerances can be held.